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I have injured my back sometime during the summer of 2002, for many years thru physical activities such as martial arts, police work & weight lifting, my Medical Doctor as well as other chiropractors told me due to my injuries (4 herniated discs & 3 bulging discs) I would no longer be able to workout with weights or participate in martial arts! I was always in pain and needed to take medication to go to sleep, Surgery was also recommended. During my initial visit I was explained by the doctors that thru chiropractic treatments (adjustments & traction) and specific strength & stretching exercises I should improve my condition.  It worked!!!!...I now own & participate in my Judo & Ju-jutsu Club, work out on a regular basis and no pain medication. The care that I experienced at Main Rehabilitation Center improved the quality of my life and forever I am grateful.   

Jose M.

I was diagnosed with lyme disease few years ago that caused muscle stiffness, inflammation, pain and sever headaches.  A couple of months under treatment, including Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Traction made me feel like a new person and gave me a new beginning on life.  The quality of care that I received from the Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and Staff alike at Main Rehabilitation Center was by far superior.

 Adam C.